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The inner city Mission Church has the same core vision as all Orthodox Churches. We are called together to participate in the divine life through the Sacramental & Liturgical life of the Church; we grow in our understanding of the Faith through Pastoral preaching, and teaching ; we learn to take up our cross daily and follow Christ through the living tradition of our disciplines of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We seek our salvation through repentance and reconciliation.

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is a missionary Orthodox Christian church community in SW Detroit, MI. Our parish is named in honor of the two greatest missionaries our Church has ever known, and we place a very high level of priority on upholding that legacy of evangelism right here in Detroit.

Here at Saints Peter and Paul, we provide a setting for missionaries to grow together in Christian Discipleship as we serve our neighbors in need. Our parish is partnered with Orthodox Detroit Outreach in bringing together dozens of Orthodox Christian parishes in the greater Detroit area to serve our neighbors in SW Detroit.

The core vision of the inner city mission is to build up a strong Orthodox Christian Ethos as the environment and witness of our Faith, while serving our neighbors in need. St. Basil the Great and St. John Chrysostom built church communities after this same model-in the inner cities in the midst of poverty. Over the centuries this model has helped Orthodox faithful to find salvation through communally serving Christ in the poor.

We encourage you to join us in this effort. Find out how you can become a missionary right here in Detroit.

The inner city Mission Church has an added dynamic and wonderful dimension. It provides opportunity for Orthodox Christians to mature in their faith and love, to become more Christ like in sacrificial love through their focused mission to build Christ-centered community in the midst of poverty. From the kenosis (self-emptying love) of Christ’s Birth in the cave, through His ministry “having no place to lay His head” Jesus, the Son of Man, identified with the poor and was found in their midst.

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