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Orthodox Outreach, Evangelism, and Mission
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Sacred Scripture
Bible Gateway
Douay-Rheims Bible
Greek New Testament
Latin Vulgate
Septuagint Greek Old Testament


Other Scripture resources:
The Emergence of the New Testament Canon
Is The Bible True?
Muratorian Canon
Sola Scriptura
Living Word Bible Study

Introduction to Scripture and Tradition
Scripture and Tradition (Zell)
Sources of Christian Doctrine: Tradition (Hopko)
Scripture& Tradition
Holy Tradition
Tradition in the Orthodox Church

Ancestral vs. Original Sin: A False Dichotomy
Banishment and Repentance of Adam and Every Christian (St Simeon the New Theologian)
Original Sin According to St Paul (John S. Romanides)
Original Sin in the Eastern Orthodox Confessions and Catechisms
St. Augustine& Original Sin
Roman Catholic and Orthodox differences on Original Sin

The Orthodox Teaching on Personal Salvation
What Christ Accomplished on the Cross
Salvation By Christ
The Orthodox Church and Personal Salvation
The Three-fold Structure of Salvation
Works& Faith in Orthodoxy
Works are Necessary for One's Salvation
Faith Alone and Faith and Works in the Scriptures
Faith and Works - A Synergy Not Conflict

The Filioque (Pelikan)
One Single Source
On the Question of the Filioque
Hypostatic Union

Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom
Divine Liturgy of St Basil
Pre-Sanctified Liturgy (.doc)
Divine Liturgy of St James
Divine Liturgy of St Mark
Liturgy of St Gregory
Liturgy of St Tikhon

Liturgical Resources
Service of Holy Baptism


An Aid to Prayer
Liturgical Prayer
Liturgical Prayer (OCA)
The Posture in Prayer
Living an Orthodox Life: Prayer


The Sacraments (Ware)
The Sacraments (OCA)
Early Fathers on Infant Baptism
Holy Baptism
Holy Baptism: An Orthodox Christian Understanding
Infant Baptism
Holy Baptism
The Orthodox Practice of Infant Baptism
This is My Body : Eucharist in the Early Fathers
Orthodoxy and Transubstantiation
Holy Eucharist
Theology and Eucharist (Schmemann)
Leavened versus Unleavened Bread: What's the difference?


Eastern Orthodox Fasting (Wikipedia)
Fasting (St Spyridon Cathedral website)
The Fasting Rule of the Orthodox Church
Lenten Fasting
On Fasting


The Function of Icons
Holy Icons: Theology in Color
The Icon FAQ
Icons (Hopko)
Is Venerating Icons Idolatry?
No Graven Image: Icons and Their Proper Use
What Do Icons Mean?


Other articles on Worship
A Candle
Candles in Orthodox Worship
The Use of Incense in Church
Kissing: An Act of Religious Devotion
The Liturgical Effectiveness of Pews: A Call for Liturgical Renewal
The History of Pues
Orthodixie: Speaking in Tongues?
Speaking in Tongues
Speaking In Tongues: An Orthodox Perspective


*Liturgical Resources
General Menaion
Texts for Liturgical Services (
Orthodox Liturgical Texts and Resources (

The Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God
Immaculate Conception (Patriarch Bartholomew)
The Mother of God
The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God (Maximovitch)
An Orthodox View of the Virgin Mary
Our Lady (from "This is Life!" blog)
The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary (Against Helvidius)
The Theotokos
Theotokos (OrthodoxWiki)
Why is Mary Considered Ever-Virgin?
The 'Brothers' of the Lord
The Veneration of the Virgin Mary in the Orthodox Church
Veneration of the Virgin Mary
"Most holy Theotokos, save us!" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Glorification of Saints in the Orthodox Church
On the Intercession and Invocation of the Saints

Non-Orthodox Traditions
Will the Heterodox Be Saved?
Papal Monarchy—Collegial Traditions
The Vatican Dogma
Papal Supremacy
Finding Common Ground between Orthodox and Protestants
Miles from the Truth
A Letter to an Evangelical

Writings of the Church Fathers
Ambrose of Milan
On the Faith
On the Mysteries

Athanasius of Alexandria
On the Incarnation
Basil of Cæsarea
On the Holy Spirit
Barnabus of the Seventy
Epistle of Barnabas
Clement of Rome
First Epistle to the Corinthians
Second Epistle of Clement

Cyprian of Carthage
On the Unity of the Church
Cyril of Alexandria
Second Epistle to Nestorius
Third Epistle to Nestorius
Eusebius of Cæsarea
History of the Church
Gregory of Nyssa
Against Eunomius
Hermas of the Seventy
The Shepherd
Ignatius of Antioch
Epistle to the Ephesians
Epistle to the Magnesians
Epistle to the Philadelphians
Epistle to Polycarp
Epistle to the Romans
Epistle to the Smyrnaeans
Epistle to the Trallians

Irenæus of Lyons
Against Heresies
Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching

Against Helvidius
John Chrysostom
Homilies on First Corinthians
Homilies on Second Corinthians

John of Damascus
Exposition of the Orthodox Faith
Justin (Martyr) of Cæsarea
Dialogue with Trypho the Jew
The Discourse to the Greeks
First Apology
Second Apology

Polycarp of Smyrna
Epistle to the Philippians
Vincent of Lerins
The Commontory



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