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A Note from Fr. Paul Oct 2017

We are saddened to hear ongoing news of tragic and senseless destruction.  We pray for the victims of these tragedies and for their families.
As Christians, every generation faces the added cross of persecution and martyrdom.  And so will it be until our Lord comes again.  Add to this the burden we carry as missionaries for those whom we serve-poverty, sickness, despair.
We grieve, but not like those who have no hope (I Thessalonians 4:13).
Christ asks each one of us to meet these challenges with godly love.  He compels us to go beyond the safe harbor of worldly love (simply loving those who are good to us) into the stormy waters of even loving our enemies. But we are often at a loss for how to achieve this high calling.
Included here is some advice from St. John Chrysostom on how to become more effective at this: the love of our enemies.  I hope that you will find these steps helpful in your daily walk with the Lord in the midst of struggles and challenges. I have found this advice to be pure gold.
If each of us print out this material and sincerely try to “work the steps”, you may find that you are unleashing the greatest and most powerful force in the universe: LOVE.  Who knows what might happen?
Please continue to pray for our missionary work in the inner city of Detroit, and for those whom we serve.
God bless.
Fr. Paul Albert

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