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To Experience Authentic Worship


Orthodox worship is unlike what you'll find in much of modern Christian worship. It is not man-centered. Nor is it designed to accommodate one's personal tastes or what "fits my needs." It is not emotionally manipulative. It is not subjective. It is not market-driven. We do not believe that how one worships the Living God is a matter of one's "personal tastes."

Rather than being “man centered,” Orthodox Christian worship is “God centered.” Worship, as we read in Scripture, must be offered “in Spirit and Truth” and must be “well pleasing unto God,” Who is the only One we strive to “please” by our worship.

We do not gather for worship to be entertained, to be “relevant,” or to “appeal” to one group’s “taste” at the expense of the whole. While humans have the need to worship, worship must offer a glimpse of the divine, not an affirmation of humanity. Worship must always be seen as focused on God, period, and not on “me.”

Worship in the Orthodox Church helps us "transform our fallen human existence by bringing it into the very presence of God Himself--in His kingdom, not ours--and meeting God 'where He is,' rather than 'where we are,' or 'where we would like Him to be'".

Divine Liturgy is every Sunday at 10AM

We are located at 3810 Gilbert St, Detroit


"You won't find laserlight shows or smoke machines or jumbotrons like you will in some churches. It's just pure worship of the Living God."

   ~An Orthodox worshiper  

We invite you to come experience this God-centered worship.

The Orthodox Sunday worship service—what we call the Divine Liturgy—is the highest form of Christian worship. It tells the entire story of our salvation through the use of songs, prayers, and symbols. Nearly every word you hear during the Liturgy is straight out of the Bible. Much of it is from the Psalms. In fact, there is no church in which you are likely to hear more Scripture than in the Orthodox Church!


Since much of the service is the same every week, worshippers know it and can participate personally, either by singing along or just by prayerful attention. Worshippers are surrounded by icons (pictures of Christ and the saints), which remind us that we are participating while on earth in the worship of all the angels and saints in heaven.

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