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To Experience Authentic Worship


The Orthodox Sunday worship service—what we call the Divine Liturgy—is the highest form of Christian worship. It tells the entire story of our salvation through the use of songs, prayers, and symbols. Nearly every word you hear during the Liturgy is straight out of the Bible. Much of it is from the Psalms. In fact, there is no church in which you are likely to hear more Scripture than in the Orthodox Church!
The Orthodox Divine Liturgy is quite unlike anything you're likely to see anywhere else. It is beautiful and moving, and for the first-time visitor, often very confusing and bizarre.

Unlike what you will find in most modern churches, Orthodox worship is not intended for the entertainment of those present, so it is very foreign and exotic and a little uncomfortable for first-time visitors. When you attend Orthodox Liturgy, do so with an open mind. In fact, go ahead and forget everything you ever thought you knew about Christian worship. Feel free to stand somewhere in the back, and don’t worry too much about trying to follow along, just watch, and realize that what you're witnessing is an imitation of heavenly worship (Heb 8.5, 12.22-24). What you see will be beautiful and reverential and moving...and you won’t understand any of it the first time. But give it a chance. It often takes several visits to feel comfortable with what's going on. So be sure to come join us again!


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