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95 Reasons You Should be an Orthodox Christian

As Protestants all over the world celebrate the quincentenary of Martin Luther's "95 Theses" and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, we would like to offer 95 Reasons You Should Be an Orthodox Christian.

1. Because the Orthodox Church is the original Church; the very same one described in the New Testament.

2. Because the Orthodox Church does not approach the Almighty God in a casual and relaxed way.

3. Because the Orthodox Church is the only church whose teachings can be shown not to have changed since the first century.

4. Because the Orthodox Church is not interested in entertaining you.

5. Because only with the Orthodox Church do you have any reason to believe that your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren will worship and believe the way you do.

6. Because the Orthodox Church prays to and worships the entire Holy Trinity.

7. Because only the Orthodox Church believes and practices the Christian Faith in its entirety.

8. Because the Orthodox Church takes the Christian Faith very seriously.

9. Because only the Orthodox Church uses the entire Bible rather than a carefully chosen selection of "proof text" verses.

10. Because the Orthodox Church does not take a minimalist approach to faith and worship.

11. Because only with the Orthodox Church can you be sure that the teachings and worship style will not change with successive pastors.

12. Because the Orthodox Church prays the Lord's Prayer at every single service.

13. Because no other church has so vibrant and robust a prayer life.

14. Because the Orthodox Church expects you to be a participant, not just a spectator.

15. Because only the Orthodox Church still worships Christ with gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

16. Because you are not the Pillar and Foundation of Truth (1 Tim 3.15).

17. Because Orthodox worship is intended to imitate heavenly worship.

18. Because no other church so steadfastly refuses to model itself in any way after modern culture.

19. Because the Orthodox Church believes we have much to learn from those who finished the race ahead of us.

20. Because only the Orthodox Church baptizes with triple immersion.

21. Because the Orthodox Church believes that becoming a disciple involves more than just showing up.

22. Because only the Orthodox Church confesses the original Nicene Creed.

23. Because the Orthodox Church believes in the priesthood of all believers (1Pt 2.9-10), and yes, that includes you.

24. Because the Orthodox Church has never needed a Reformation, or a Counter-Reformation, a "restoration," or a "revival."

25. Orthodox Christians know that they worship among a "great cloud of witnesses" (Heb 12.1).
26. Only the Orthodox Church worships “in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24)
27. Because you should be an Orthodox Christian.
28. Only in Orthodoxy do you get to hear words like phronema, logismos and troparion.
29. The Orthodox Church uses the same Old Testament canon used by Christ and His disciples, rather than one based on a medieval Jewish manuscript (i.e. the Masoretic Text).
30. Because doctrine matters.

31. No other church gives more appropriate respect and honor to "the mother of my Lord" (Lk 1.43).

32. The Orthodox Church is the only church in which you will hear basso profundo.
33. No other church worships in a manner more consistent with Biblical worship.
34. The Orthodox Church not only survived persecution by two of the most blood-thirsty anti-Christian regimes of all time--the Romans and the Soviets--but thrived as a result.
35. No other church can make a better case to being the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

36. Because the Orthodox Church does not ask "What is the least I have to do to be saved?"
37. The Orthodox Church has no interest in being "cool," "relevant," "sexy," "mainstream," or "politically correct."
38. The Orthodox Church is profoundly, unswervingly, and consistently pro-life (all life).
39. Only within the Orthodox Church will you really begin to see that the entire Old Testament--not just the Prophets--points directly to our salvation in Christ.
40. The Orthodox Church doesn't sacrifice faith for reason...or vice versa.

41. Because St Patrick was an Orthodox Christian.

42. The Orthodox Church recognizes only Christ as the Head of the Church, and does not believe that He needs a "vicar."
43. Because you really should be an Orthodox Christian.
44. Only the Orthodox Church will expect you to take up your cross daily...and will actually show you how.
45. You will, without a doubt, hear more Scripture read in an Orthodox church than anywhere else.

46. The Orthodox Church will never force you to lean on your own understanding (Prov. 3.5).
47. You will never see a "clown Mass," a "polka Mass," or a "Hindu Mass" at an Orthodox church.
48. The Orthodox Church does not believe in "works righteousness."
49. Only the Orthodox Church will allow you to worship God with all five of your senses.
50. The Orthodox Church does not believe that you are predestined to Heaven or Hell, but that you are given the freedom to choose one or the other.

51. Because you will never confuse Orthodox worship with a rock concert, a variety show, or a self-help session.

52. Because Orthodox Christians eat really well!
53. The Orthodox Church includes and embraces all those Bible verses you never underlined.
54. Despite not having an "infallible" pope and Magisterium, the Orthodox Church has somehow managed to maintain the "Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3) better than anyone.
55. As an Orthodox Christian you get to celebrate Christmas twice every year!

56. The Orthodox Church does not try to explain the unexplainable God.
57. Because St Nicholas was an Orthodox Christian.
58. Only the Orthodox Church uses the Psalms as they were intended: as prayers to be sung rather than as essays to be studied.
59. Honestly, you really and truly should be an Orthodox Christian.
60. The Orthodox Church doesn't limit the Revelation of the Holy Spirit to the pages of Scripture.

61. No other church celebrates the Resurrection of Christ with such profound joy and energy and enthusiasm and awe.
62. The Orthodox Church doesn't care how much you know, only what you believe, and then what you do about it.
63. Only in the Orthodox Church will you find Christians worshiping God with their faces to the ground.
64. Because the Orthodox Church wants you to become holy, not just seem holy, but actually become holy.
65. Because the Orthodox Church knows nothing of purgatory, indulgences, the "rapture," or other theological innovations.

66. Because Saints Peter and Paul and all the Apostles were Orthodox Christians.

67. When you step into an Orthodox house of worship, you know you're in church.
68. As an Orthodox Christian, you have two-thousand years worth of saints and martyrs on your side praying for you.
69. Because Orthodox worship never degrades to touchy-feely, ooey-gooey emotional manipulation.
70. Only the Orthodox Church allows infants and young children to be full members of the Body of Christ.

71. No one comes into the Orthodox Church expecting to change it.
72. Only in the Orthodox Church do you really begin to get a sense of what sin has done to you...
73. ...and, therefore, what a wonderful gift Salvation is.
74. The Orthodox Church is the original Pentecostal Church.
75. Because it was the Orthodox Church that first articulated the things you believe about the Trinity and the Incarnation of Christ.

76. Many of the conflicts that divide Catholics and Protestants are simply not issues in the Orthodox Church.
77. Every single Orthodox priest can trace his clerical ancestry all the way back to the Twelve Apostles.
78. Because Orthodox worship is not just mental or emotional, but is physical and substantial as well.
79. Because the problems in the Orthodox Church--and there are a few--are political, not theological or dogmatic.
80. Because only an Orthodox patriarch is given the Holy Fire.

81. Because no one is born an Orthodox Christian...everyone is a convert.

82. No other church actually expects you to fast and tells you how.
83. Because Orthodox worship often includes speaking in tongues: Greek, Serbian, Slavonic, English, Arabic, Spanish, and Romanian to name a few.
84. Because the Orthodox Church teaches that is it possible not only to sin with our bodies, but also to honor God with them.
85. Because Orthodox Christianity is a lifestyle, not simply something you do on Sunday mornings.

86. Because "a good understanding have all they that do His commandments" (Ps 111.10).
87. No other church worships with such reverence, holiness, joy, and with such complete devotion to God.
88. You will be hard-pressed to find another church with such beautiful hymns and prayers.
89. The Orthodox Church wrote, compiled, and approved the New Testament.
90. You will never hear a pop song in an Orthodox house of worship.

91. The Orthodox Church is a hospital, not a courthouse.

92. The Orthodox Church is a temple, not a funhouse.
93. The Orthodox Church was preaching the Gospel long before the profusion of unaffiliated organizations trying to pass themselves off as the Church came into existence...
94. ...and will be preaching the Gospel long after they are all but a paragraph in the history books.
95. Because every day you resist joining the Holy Orthodox Church is another day lost.

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