Here is a living chain of paradosis, or teaching tradition. Paradosis in Greek means “tradition.” It literally means to pass down, to have one person deliver and another person receive. So God the Father gives to the Son Incarnate, to Jesus Christ: to God Incarnate. Jesus Christ gives to the angel; the angel gives to John; and John passes it to the Church. So, what we have here is the wonder of the living Tradition, or paradosis. This is precisely why this living Tradition, along with Holy Scripture makes up the basis or the foundation of the Church.  It is Holy Tradition that preserves the authenticity and validity of the Holy Scriptures.  Holy Tradition shows us which book is genuine or which is not , thus establishing the Canon of the New Testament, which includes as its last Book: the Apocalypse.


Listen to Father Thomas Hopko lectures on The Apocalypse, which are available as audio files online at Ancient Faith  Radio:

PART 1          PART 2          PART 3

The Study Group meets at 3:30 PM at Sts. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral: 3810 Gilbert St, Detroit (enter through the parking lot).

Here is a schedule for the 2018/19 Season .

We continue our study from where we left off in Spring of 2018.:

October 13          Chapter 12                               

November 17       Chapter 13                              

December 15        Chapter 14

2019 schedule will be posted soon...



Materials used for this study will include the following:

Orthodox Study Bible: Book of Revelation

The Apocalypse of St. John: A Revelation of Love and Power  by Lawrence R. Farley

Scriptural parallels and secondary commentary will be drawn from:

The Apocalypse In the Teaching of Ancient Christianity  by Archbishop Averky & Fr. Seraphim Rose (Can be accessed here:

For each session, prepare by reading the Scriptural Text from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, and the pertinent chapters in Lawrence Farley’s  commentary.


"Christ the Lamb" PDF DOC


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